Making Peace With Humidity

I got to Virginia on Sunday.  I came in on a Redeye flight from Sacramento, to New York, then to Richmond.  Then, my cousin’s daughter picked me up, and we drove 90 miles to Norfolk.  I was so sleepy, having to go to the visitation for my Uncle just a few hours later.

The next morning, I decided to try to run early.  I opened the door, and was hit with what felt like an oppressing wall of heat.  But…not just heat, something else…heavy and warm.  My hair became damp, I started to sweat, and not in a pretty, glistening way.  I had been hit with 97% humidity.  Yes, you read that right.  97.  PERCENT.  Like, almost water, right?

Well, I shelved the run, and later my cousin and I walked for an hour, so as to salvage some type of exercise plan.  I was soaked, drenched from head to toe.

Today, I decided that I have to run, because there is a little marathon I’m committed to in Washington DC on Halloween.  So, I go outside, fully prepared to run 5 miles, although we’ve driven around enough to know that I would probably get lost.  One street was stately, beautiful homes, the next street, people are partying on their porches, trash on the lawn.

I step outside.  My internet says it’s ONLY 57%.  Apparently, I read that when I didn’t have my glasses on my head.  It was again 97.  I started to run at a snail’s pace, and not because I was tired, or my legs were hurting or anything…It was because I felt like I was running AGAINST something.  The rest of the run was uneventful, except that I kept looking at Crash to see if and when this thing would end.

I finally stopped at the perimeter of the Ocean View golf course, doing 2.19 miles in 23:52.

Here’s what went through my mind:  There really should be a grading system to get into say, Boston or something.  Like, if you PR in the South that should MEAN something in terms of time.  I do enough complaining about running period, but compared to the South and East coast, running in California is a dream.  SO, if you looked at the elements in California, what do we have?  Hills? okay.  Yeah, they should grade a hilly marathon compared to a flat one…a humid vs. a dry.  Makes perfect sense to me.   Or, if you live in a place like, say Colorado…you could really kick some marathon ass in a place like Fresno. BQ even.

So my hat is off to the runners I know from the South and East.  I think if you want a PR though, you should go elsewhere.  If my run today is any indication of the rest of the week, I should be sufficiently tough enough to go back to California and race something spectacular.

I’m going back to the Golf Course tomorrow.  My plan is to double the miles.  I must make peace with this humidity, because after all, I am training, and the marathon has taught me one thing:  You don’t control the weather on race day, and NEVER on training runs.  I’m glad I brought two pairs of shoes.

Restless, Irritable, Discontent

Is it the upcoming Half Mary?  Is it the wind?  Is the chocolate?

I woke up with a raging case of restlessness.  I’m on vacation, Kim is not…so we are running tonight when she gets home.  Just a four miler on the plan…

I just got an alert that we are expected to have up to 40mph winds…but really I just needed to look outdoors.  My oldest and I were having a ping pong tournament, and, well that was my excuse for losing.

So, here are some random thoughts.  Actually, I’m truly thinking in bullet points this morning.  I don’t want to address the news, because it’s all bad.  Little girl was murdered 20 miles from me…and while I’m temporarily relieved the suspect (a woman) is in jail, it does not ease my fears when my boys and their friends want to go for a bike ride down by the river. 

  • I’m scanning my computer now.  I got me a Trojan Horse.
  • I have way too much chocolate around this house.  This was exactly why I avoided going to Woodland Hills this week…I thought my mother would have way too much good food.  Turns out, you can get good food in Northern CA, too.
  • I wonder if I could ever give up Twitter.  No.  That is a No.  Sort of similar to the day I realized I was an alcoholic.  Last night I realized that, while Facebook was relatively easy to delete, the TweetDeck sound is like crack for a geekaholic.
  • I went on eharmony.  I did.  I filled out their stupid profile, and here was the result:  I was labeled emotionally stable, and not so outgoing.  Then someone wanted an “introduction”, and I promptly deleted any and all reference to eharmony.  Me?  Emotionally stable.  I literally did laugh. out. loud.
  • Jobs.  There are 26000 teachers out of work.  Who is going to hire a 27 year veteran, with a MS+90, (read: far end of the pay scale), when there are perfectly good college grads waiting to be scooped up? 
  • Marketing:  To answer that question, I will just have to market myself.  Give me a salt shaker.  I can make a 2 week lesson plan, hitting all the standards in all the subject areas.  Yeah, I’m talented like that.
  • Holy Shit.  I’m running a Half Marathon on Sunday.  Holy Shit.

Holy Crap, it’s cold

 earthcareI know this isn’t Minnesota, or Nebraska, or even New Hampshire…where 3 of my dearest friends reside. 

This is California.  I’m serious.  It’s 47.  And raining.

…and, it’s cold.


New topic:  Christmas weekend:  Where it’s warm.  Close-by.


Craptastic Saturday Run

My music was crap, my lungs were tired because I was trying to get more oxygen in the first mile…My calves were tight…I did 3 periods of calf stretches in PE yesterday.  I’m just a whiner today.

We did name this run craptastic, because it was only 2.2 miles.  I’m getting a little particular.  I have no music to upload because, it was all crap.  It was windy and cold, but I think I’ll have to retire the hat until next winter, because it warms up pretty quickly.  I took a rubber band off of someone’s paper to put my hair back.  I’m sure their paper is flying around by now…It was 50 degrees and windy this morning.

Date: 3/1/2008 9:15 AM
Type: Easy
Course: Craptastic Saturday
Distance: 2.2 miles
Duration: 23:05
Pace: 10:30 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 😦
Statistics: Calories: 299
VO2 Max: 27.3