The Day After The Marathon

It’s Thursday.  I’m still feeling it.

instant karma

Better get yourself together darlin’,
Join the human race.


it’s a travel day.

i use small letters.

i stay to myself.

because all those hours on the road?

i’m about to get some karma


Who on earth d’you think you are,
A super star,
Well, right you are.

~John Lennon

I am addicted*


In October, in preparation for my first marathon, I posted all the numbers in my Marathon here

This marathon’s numbers:

  • 0 money raised
  • 0 donors
  • 454.67  miles in training (10 less than October)
  • 18 weeks of training
  • 107.74 biggest month of running (February)
  • 210 miles on my Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 (A pair) + 26.2 after Sunday
  • 240 miles on my Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 (B pair)
  • 5 races since  training started

Fresno Half Marathon

CIM Relay

California 10

Davis Stampede

ShamrockN Half Relay

  • 20 Mile 20…0 volunteering miles, but signed up for Oakland Marathon as course marshall March 28th (mile 20, where else?)
  • 2:24:50 New PR this training in the Davis Stampede
  • 1:12:50 New PR this training in Half Relay 7.1 miles
  • 0 medals *won*
  • 3 finisher medals
  • 15 mile week (lowest- week 8 of illness)
  • 36.81 mile week (highest week 16)
  • 1 long run bonked
  • 1 spin class
  • 5 pounds lost & gained
  • 1 amazing running partner, Kim, who ran the whole thing with me during the week
  • 2 parents 2 sisters 2 neices coming to cheer me on at LA
  • 1 Garmin, Crash Davis
  • 1 Coach, best of the best
  • amazing support group of friends too numerous to count

And yes, I am addicted.

20 mile motivation

Ran a 5 mile tempo run this morning, with 1 mile up and back.  Spin class tomorrow was taken off the docket.  All that’s left of this training before taper is the 20 miles I’m going to lay down on Sunday.  I will cue this up right as I’m leaving.  Please send all your mojo love at 5am PST Sunday.

Happy Friday!!

*There is a girl in New York City, who calls herself the human trampoline

Why the Paul Simon title?  *Graceland came on just as Kim and I headed into our 2nd mile in 30mph winds.  That’s exactly how I felt, even if Paul didn’t exactly mean that.  (Bob Seger went through my head as well.) Witness the stats:

Date: 2/15/2009 6:30 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Green Bridge
Distance: 6.02 miles
Duration: 1:09:00
Pace: 11:28 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: 😦
Weather: 50° F, Rain, Partly Cloudy, 30 mph winds
Statistics: Calories: 842
VO2 Max: 26.2

The first mile, I had to stop at the Shell…and she says, “You look pale!”, which of course is a head trip for me.  I could have a broken ankle on the side of the road, but don’t ask me if I’m okay, because I think, “What, don’t I look okay?”  It’s a pride thing.

The second mile was just like, well, walking.  The winds were so strong, and we were running parallel to the freeway to the Green Bridge (pedestrian bridge over the Stanislaus River).  This shot is actually on the way back, but it was a nice run, and warmer.496631347_0b96419dc9

Mile 3 had us in Stanislaus County over the Hammett exit.  We made 34:00 at 3 miles, so we knew it was slow.

Mile 4-5 were uneventful, as I finally caught my breath and, at that point, I was grateful for the wind pushing me.

Mile 6 took us back up over the catwalk at to the driveway of the Mother Ship

It’s almost 2pm.  I’m still in pajamas.

Happy post Valentine’s Day.  We went to a Big Band concert in Modesto, and eh.  It was something to do.  It’s all good!

I tip my hat to Non-Runner NancyThis run was for her, and thanks to JogAmerica for setting up the Virtual Run!

leave your old self behind.

So this goes through everyone’s mind, huh?  Thought it was only me.  I was looking at Pearl Izumi’s new ad in Runner’s World today. 

If you ran without sacrifice, congratulations.  You just jogged.

What Murakami says in his book is that no matter how far you run, there are some things that all runners understand and can identify with. 

This Youtube was me this morning.  We did 4.4 hard miles.  (Now, mind you, I read marathoner’s blogs, so I’m sure they are laughing at my “hard 4”)…The hardest running I’ve had in awhile.  I had to Drop the E at the Shell station only one mile in after a lovely sushi dinner last night.  I really really didn’t want to stop only 12 minutes in, but it seems there was no choice to be had.  I had to talk myself through the third mile, as if I was a first grader.  Even the Chariots of Fire theme song didn’t help.  Over the catwalk, I practically crawled.  I think I have Plantar Fascilitis, and in a bit of denial about it.

Only week 2 in our Half training, and I’m draggin’.  It’s 2pm on a Sunday, and [horrors!] I’m still in my jammies.  Can’t seem to get moving.

In terms of school.  It’s hard.  Harder than I ever thought it would be.  The only real thing that calms my gangbangers and wannabees is Yoga.  Wish we could do it all day.  I overheard them talking about how long they could hold the Proud Warrior position.  Kinda cool.  During 6th period, I was getting so frustrated because they wouldn’t stop talking.  One of them yelled, “Namaste” from the back of the room.  It ticked me off, even if his intentions were good.  They weren’t.  He was being passive-aggressive and sarcastic.  I just looked at him and said, Get out.  That’s when I hit the wall, figuratively speaking.

Spent the day yesterday clearing out the bad energy, saging, and hanging curtains.  Until yesterday, my students looked out of barred windows to the trash bins in the parking lot.  I changed the tables to a U-shape.  I put away the punishing textbooks, and scattered the novels all around.  I created an environment that I’d really like to have.  My friend Steph, (she talks to dead people, really) helped me do the saging in all the corners of the room.  When she came to the place where I sit, she said, “Something really interesting is going on in this wall.”  I said, yeah I sit there when I’m furious.  The sage smoked like crazy.  Do I know what this means?  No, and I don’t care.

I added lavender, and currently there are lemons soaking up all the bad energy.  I hung dragonfly lights for positive change.  We said a  prayer, and blessed the room.  You might think I’m crazy, but like the title of my post.  I want to leave my old teaching self behind, and I’m desperate to find the answer.

The hard, “My way or the Highway” isn’t working with this crowd.  Onward.