Susan B Anthony Race Report

There’s a reason for this YouTube.  It was the song I was listening to as I started my kick in today’s race.  I laughed so hard, and I was about to puke, so I wanted to put it on the blog tonight.

The top picture is Kim and I after the race.  On our way home.  We had forgotten to take a picture, so we asked a wandering walker to snap one.  (they don’t snap anymore, do they.)

Here are my stats:


Date: 8/9/2008 8:30 AM
Type: Race
Course: Susan B Anthony Run
Distance: 3.1 miles
Duration: 32:32
Pace: 10:30 / mile
Shoe: ASICS 2130 Pink (1)
Weight: ACK!
Field Placement: 196 / 392 (50%)
Age group: 45 – 49
Group Placement: 23 / 33 (69.7%)
Gender Placement: 196 / 392 (50%)
Event URL:
Statistics: Calories: 429
VO2 Max: 27.9

The second picture is actually what my kitchen table looked like this morning.  Map to Sacramento, iPod shuffle, Sports Beans and LA Hat.  I even have an LA shirt on in the top pic.  *cough*  Today, they were a half of a game back.  C’mon guys.  We’ve only waited 20 years.

Race.  Back to the race

  • This will fall under TMI, but I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in 2 days.  I ate tons of fruit, pasta, etc.  Nuthin.  So, I got up real early today to get things moving with a bowl of oatmeal.  I know runners get this over-talking about bowels, etc.  I’m in good company.
  • Got on the road 6am.  To the race at 7:30 or so.  Lots of pink (see post below).  Stinkin’ cool Marathon Girl sportskirt.  Didn’t run in it, just was super cute, and wore it later today.  The shirt was really cute.
  • The race:  I said I would start out very slowly.  I did just that, and had a fabulous first mile, which is so unusual for me.  I usually get so amped up, that I’m wiped out by the first turn. 
  • First three songs:  We’ll Be Together, STING; I Hate Myself for Loving You, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, She Came in through the Bathroom Window, The Beatles.  I have a policy that I get what I get on the first three, but I did have to change the last one after two slow ones.  The next one I got was Alright Now, which I just blogged about a few days ago.  I pictured the catwalk.
  • This lady, approximately 70+ years old.  A half block ahead of me.  I never caught her.  I think she might even have had an ankle brace.  At one point we were together, but I think she beat me. 
  • As usual, out of nowhere, a stinkin’ kid flew right by me.
  • The third mile was tough due to my GI problems.  Then, this chick comes out of nowhere.  We race together around 2.5.  She was relentless. So was I.  I dug in.  Kicked.  Hard.  We have the same exact time.  And, we’re both 49.  I love the end.  It’s why I run.
  • Then, I almost hurled after I stopped.  This has never happened.  
  • I saw one of the elite runners (who won my age division with a 19 minute mile) and asked if she won again!  She and I got to talking because Kim and I are making a Ripon Running club.  LOL  Membership: 2.  She asked me to join her team.  I said, “I’m not very good, I’m not fast at all.”  She assured me that there are a variety of runners on the team.  It made me feel good.  She told me if I hurled at the end, it meant I was a serious runner.  That is so funny.
  • Kim and I went to Fleet Feet.  Just to look.  He looked at my NEW Asics (Pink), and I told him my heel hurt.  He looked at my arches.  I swear we were there forever.  I tried on 5 pair of shoes, and ran in the store.  I really wasn’t shoe shopping.  Then he brought out these:  Oh.My.  I ran in them.  It felt as if I was running on a cloud.  I walked out less one C note in my wallet, and I’m thrilled with them (Mizuno Wave Renegade 4)
  • We ate at a corner diner.  Came home, watching the Olympics, ready to sleep after working again in my classroom this afternoon.

Sacramento’s runs are gorgeous.  Old trees, park, street.  Had a ball.  Half Marathon training starts Tuesday.  Yikes.

pink pink pink

This Saturday is the Susan B Anthony 5K.  In part, because I like their mission:  

The race has been successful every year in providing women with a non-intimidating atmosphere to challenge themselves to run or walk farther or faster than they may previously have.

I put a pink skirt at the top.  I’m getting that at half price.  I don’t like them to run in, but I love them to kick around in.  Plus, everyone gets one of these:  I don’t know what’s up with the pink, but I do love the Sacramento Running Club.  They put on awesome events.  I’ll pick up Kim at 5am, and we’ll take ourselves to the beautiful American River.

Today marks the second day of teacher’s meetings.  My usual response is:  Blech.  However, I got some cool ideas, and met with my new principal, who is probably 15 years younger than me.  Good news:  He saw my 1988 World Series (Game 1) and 1988 NLCS ticket that I have framed.  He’s a Dodger fan.  Good, good news.  Apparently, there’s a whole cluster of them at my new school, which is unusual for this SFGiants country.  He’s a Cub Scout leader, like me.

Best of all?  It seems as if he will be letting me do what I want.  Life is good.

When A 5K Is Not Enough


I ran 5Ks back in the 80’s.  Okay, maybe I did 2.  I ate donuts the night before and carb loaded on candy and coffee.  I had no clue.  Fast forward to January 2008, when Kim and I did our first 5K.
Since then, a 12K in San Francisco, Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k, and Rina’s Mother’s Day 5K this past weekend in Ripon CA. 


I’m feeling a little guilty that I don’t want to run more.  Lots of bloggers are 10K, Half and Full Marathoners.  Where are the little 5Kers?  I was recently at a school when I was sort of, well really bragging about my 5K to another teacher, and she pops off with she is trying to qualify for Boston.  I’m like, HELLO?  Boston?  Yeah, that would be really cool.  She proceeds to say that after that, she is doing the 50 mile Folsom to where-ever-hell-50-miles-from-Folsom-is…


Do I really need to be running more?  Longer?  Really?  Truly, the runners I like don’t do the One-Upsmanship bit.  We all run against our own time, our pace, our bodies.  The only time I really race is the last 20 seconds, or when I see the clock.  But, I’m racing against me.  That’s all.


Long live the 5K.

Rina’s Mothers Day Run

Quick & Dirty Stats:

Date: 5/10/2008
Type: Race
Course: Rina’s Mothers Day 5K
Distance: 3.1 miles
Duration: 29:57
Pace: 9:40 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 176 lb
Weather: 70° F, Sunny
Event URL:
Statistics: Calories: 413
VO2 Max: 30.8



On the Doak piece, my Obama song came on.  Yes we can.  My two sons and I ran.  My littlest, did the quarter mile in 1:59.  The oldest was a 42:00 5K because if he can’t be first…well, he doesn’t want to do it.  We’ll work on that later.  🙂


I’m happy.  It was fun.  Someone said it was only 2.99 and I looked at my watch with less than 30 minutes for the first time, and I was psyched.   I mapped it on Runner’s World, and it indeed was 3.1 with the last lap in the stadium, and I’m going with that.  A 9:40 pace.  YAY.


Everyone’s at Jamba Juice with celebratory smoothies.  My 17 year old neice ran her first 5K with us.  Good times.

Sacramento Zoo Zoom

Beautiful, sunny Sacramento morning.  Quick cup of coffee and granola, a G2, and three trips to the loo, and I was good to go.

I was in the top 21% of my age range (14/67), and I’m excited to turn 50, so that I can get an even better ranking!  I’m a little disappointed that I only shaved off 10 seconds of the 5K.  I claim strollers and walkers were the problem.  We were in the back to start, and it took awhile to weave around everyone.  There were no iPods, and I had to just remind myself how beautiful the park and zoo were.  I did a 10:13 first mile, and I was fine.  The second mile was fabulous, and the third one was a struggle the whole way. 

I kept trying to run in front of this pony-tailed shadow, and finally she lost me or I lost her.  Kim was FAR ahead of me, which was okay.  I was thrilled to finish.  We went into the Zoo, watched the awards ceremony, and then went to breakfast. 

 There really is a therapy component to our running.  During the week, we try to do our 5 minute therapy session before our run, and since we weren’t able to run this week, no therapy!  Sacramento is 70 miles away, so we got in all out of our systems.


5K cheers:  New~~wearing a timing chip.  Felt like a runner.


5K jeers:  A 7 year old sprinted past me in the chute.


Quick and dirty stats:


Linda Vermeulen Ripon CA



14 F 45-49





It was a great time.  The official link is to the right. 

Bliss be gone…

I perused the website of my run last week.

Here are the stats they gave me.

69 31 Linda Vermeulen F 48 32:11 10:21

I was the 69th runner, the 31st female.
Did a 32:11, at a 10:21 pace.
That’s not what my watch said, but oh well.

Seems I didn’t get the time I thought.

Okay, something to shoot for.  The only reason I looked was because I’m in a Shave Your 5K Challenge, and have to have a starting time.  It needed to be official.

I was in bliss.  Not so much now. 

1985 ain’t so far away…

First 5K in 23 years


9:02 pace



There’s a reason I’m linking this song today.  I started off really fast, in fact, I had to run around people.  I went along this way for 7 or 8 minutes.  Then I hit the wall at 1.75 K.  From then on, my partner, Kim was ahead of me most of the way.  She stopped once, came back, and it messed with my head.  At this point, I just wanted to finish.  At .5K to go, I was good.  I was getting stronger.  As we came around the last turn, and I could see the finish line, this girl comes up on the left of me and the Jet song comes on.  I started sprinting.  She started sprinting.  We were neck and neck at the finish line, and she went ahead.  We were laughing, and high fiving.  The song motivated me.

I heard someone call out 28 minutes.   I’ve never been happier.  Not only did I finish, but at 48 years old, that’s record time for me.  The last time I ran (not counting the 5K for my students this year)? 1985.

We did the Sawyer Camp Trail Run in San Mateo CA.  I’m so proud of my partner, Kim.  She did an 8:24 pace.  We couldn’t stop talking about it, and I’m sure I won’t stop talking about it here.