Words as weapons sharper than knives…

“Old friend
It might be easy for another man to see
But I think you still look a lot like me”…Lyle Lovett

For the umpteenth time, this class, like any of the other 20 or so classes I’ve had discussed bullying.  Why it happens.  Has it happened to you.  Or someone in your family. 

I got the same tired responses that I get every year.  Yeah, it’s wrong.  Yeah it’s bad, and I hate it.  Except this from a student:  “Today, a boy was sitting by himself in lunch, and I really just wanted to tell him to sit with me and my friend but I didn’t want him to get more embarrassed or think I was trying to play a practicle [sic] joke with him, so I did nothing, and I regret this.”

Here’s the problem:  We all do nothing.  We want our kids to be happy, to have friends, to do well in school.  If our kid is happy, we’re happy…but what about the kid who has no one?  What about the kid that is sitting over there by himself?  I’m making it a point to talk to a new student every day.  Yeah, I only have 5 more days, but what will I do with them?

 Ms. V: “You can throw a rock in a pond, and you cannot control where the ripples go.  What will you do in the next 24 hours that will change someone’s life?”  We’ve been working on variations of this theme for the last 12 days or so.  We talk about it non-stop. 

Will it have any impact at all?  It’s only Summer School, after all.  (intended sarcasm)

*Post title from Devil Inside, by INXS*