I’m Off to see the Wizard

I have the day off today (~~cheers~~) and am off to see the Orthopedic Doctor.  Yes, Doctor.  They want to look at my foot.  I ran 2x this weekend, and felt fabulous.  Once on the treadmill, and once yesterday, outside with Kim.

Today, I limp gingerly walk across the floor…

I went to the Newcomers Lunch at church yesterday, and I cannot tell you how much I hate that kind of stuff, but I really love this church…They wanted to take everyone’s picture, so I hid in the back.  I have been dipped, dunked and sprinkled and saved so many times in my life it’s actually become a hobby.  Heh. 

Today, it’s going to be 80, and gorgeous. 

Congrats to Marcy for finishing her first marathon…I’m so glad for her!  She is like the Oprah of the blogging running community, except she doesn’t give away cars or anything!  Still waiting on a race report from Viper, too.

As for the Huskers, Razzdoodle, NikeMom and Husker Running, I want you to know I stayed on the treadmill that whole last run until they made their touchdown.  That was a great game!  (This does beg the question:  “Why do I read so many runner’s blogs from Nebraska?”

OOOOOOOOO The Dodgers made the series 2-1.  There is hope.  🙂

Ms. V’s Dodger Watch 2008

 (PS-This is a sticky post, and will stay up until the Dodgers are victorious in the 2008 World Series.)

Watching the Dodgers’ Pennant race for 2008.

Los Angeles

Arizona 3


Colorado E

San Diego E

Should be an interesting week.  LA vs. Arizona.  3 games back

Magic Number #3.

Today’s Game 9-24 LA vs SD 7:10 pm

Dodger Dog wrapup, and Quadrathon Weight Loss Challenge

Over at Quadrathon, I’ve joined a weight loss challenge. I’ve spent three glorious days in LA, ending with a fabulous run at Dodger Stadium yesterday. However, I tend to do nothing in terms of eating clean or working out when I’m visiting my family. Yesterday, I promised myself I would run. Then my Dad yells, “I’m making french toast!” Well, you got it. I ate.

Here’s the damage at Dodger Stadium:
1 Dodger Dog (have to have to have to)


popcorn, diet coke, Carnation malt, Frozen Lemonade. This after the French toast breakfast. Last night Ham, twice stuffed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, peach cobbler. So, yeah, I’m a fatty. We played pinochle and Scrabble, and had a great, relaxing time, but the mouth just kept opening. As I’m typing this now, I’m feeling hungry. And not for oatmeal.

No worries. I’ll be down 5 by the weekend, and will be on my way to Internets stardom via Mr. Quad’s weigh loss challenge. Off to Northern California, and the school year starts tomorrow.

Characters we met at Chavez Ravine:

  • We were sitting in front of these three dudes: One, a college grad from Long Beach, one a correction officer just back from Iraq, and one trying to beat a drug charge, clean 18 months after a 90 day drug sentence. My sister and I laughed throughout the game as we heard these gems:

Dude, the 80’s were like, 40 years ago.

Dude, if you say, “I’m here, is it spelled h-e-r-e, or h-e-a-r?

  • This guy comes up to me at the end. He says, “Can I have your autograph? Do you play on the beach volleyball team, because you have the tan, and the arms.” LOL He was drunk. Sadly, that may be my new demographic. Heh.

We bought the kid (23 years old!!) from Iraq a beer; he was a Marine reservist who was called up. Big deal. A beer for everything he did. But, he was grateful. We’re all about military in our family. Big supporters.

Back to the real world come tomorrow.

San Francisco Marathon


Here is the live result of one of my favorite bloggers, LARunner.  MAN YOU ARE STINKIN’ FAST!!!!!  A 9:03 pace, then even faster at the half!!!!

He is 4678.

Then, there’s Arkansas Running Girl, another rock star that I’m following.  Bib 9425.

If you’re running anything this weekend, you’re inspirational to me.  I’ll be having a Dodger Dog on the 3rd base line today…to see if Manny can be all that we want him to be!!

Good luck to both of you.  Breathe in on that Golden Gate.  Look around.  Simply amazing view.

Manny has a new address


Perhaps now the Dodgers will want that first place spot.


Edit:  Spoke too soon:  New Look Dodgers, Same Look Results  Crap.  3 games behind now?  I have tickets for Sunday’s game, and it better be a good one.  Everytime we spend buckets of money getting someone, (I’m remembering something about Darryl Strawberry here), it tends to backfire.  As Manny said yesterday, he felt like a kid being in LA, and was so nervous.  Well you know what, buddy?  Get those stars outta your eyes and PLAY!

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

Yes, a moment for Kurt Gibson.  Beside giving birth to my two sons, getting married, all the regular life stuff, THIS moment was one of the best. 

My sister and I were leaving Dodger Stadium.  We had tickets in the right field stands.  We were underneath the stadium when we heard the roar, and saw Kurt Gibson coming to the plate.  We ran back up and saw all those pitches.  The drama, the tension was fabulous.  See those people jumping in the stands?

We were there.

Nice way to open this 2008 season, with a win against the SF Giants.  Now, let’s see what kind of season we’ll have.

PS-That’s Chavez Ravine in my header.  Wish I was there.