Cherokee Maiden

Date: 3/11/2008 4:30 PM
Type: Long
Course: TKD Loop
Distance: 5.21 miles
Duration: 1:00:20
Pace: 11:06 / mile
Shoe: Asics
Weight: 🙂
Weather: Overcast
Notes: Wow. I thought I ran a better pace.
Statistics: Calories: 728
VO2 Max: 27.1

I was really surprised that I ran so slowly.  Wow.  I thought I was flying. 


So, I’m about 3 miles in, when Cherokee Maiden, by Merle Haggard comes on my playlist.  I start bawling, sobbing, snot running down my face and singing out loud–all during the run.  Seriously, I was glad that there weren’t a LOT of drivers going by, but I’m sure the ones who saw me thought I was losing it.  I was.

Back in 1978, I met a boy.  Married him in 1994, and ended up in court with him this morning, getting near the end of our marriage.  It didn’t end well.  Mostly I was saddened at how this journey went.  We have great kids.  Always will.

Back story:  In 1978, we would sit outside the AGR (Alpha Gamma Rho) fraternity at Fresno State, and sing sappy country songs.  Clay and Rick (who has since passed away) were loud, partying, and fun.  I remember them singing Cherokee Maiden.  A lot.  

So, when this came on today, I ached.  I hurt.  I sobbed.  Loudly.

Running is my best salve right now, though.  I’m grateful.

found poems

This goes out to CTG for the found poems lesson.  WOW.

This poem is from Epitaph for a Peach, by David Mas Masumoto (page 120)

edit:  David Mas Masumoto commented on this post!

Our class made this poem: 


A cloud of peach perfume


Second Helping:  patient, selective

Searching overripe ones

I’m eyeing





peaches:  fully exposed

ground is different underneath

more sandy; sides exposed

Summer Heat

Family Gathers

I reach and pick a gushy


(2nd period)



(3rd period)


juice dribbling

suck out meat

primeval grin

childish behavior



from my teeth

continue stuffing

leaks down my shirt

candylike pulp



Beginning of Harvest