Phys Ed Class…running as punishment…

Raise your hand if you remember getting laps as punishment during PE class.  Yep, me too.  I hated running, but I hated anything that had to do with exercise…Except in Jr. High I was sort of in a *girl  crush* on my PE Teacher, who was the only female role model for sports…It was the 70’s, so she was rather masculine…when only masculine women could be athletic.


Fast forward:  I taught Jr. High PE for 4 years.  REALLY taught the last two.  Now I’m with the little kids:  1st-6th grade.  Every teacher I know gives laps for punishment…me too…I usually call it a *memory jog*…so you can jog your memory about how to behave (thanks Gina).  However, it’s really punishment.  Given my love of running NOW, I’m re-thinking this. 


If you do poorly in long division, yeah the teacher usually gave you more long division.  Did it help?  Probably not.  A good teacher would sit with you and try to explain it slowly, more efficiently, etc.  So, if I give you running as a punishment for not running, how does that help?


We do a jog-walk-jog warm up every day.  I really like it.  Last week, I started the jog-walk-sprint warm up.  I’m trying to teach my students the arm placements for each.  That by the time you are sprinting, your arms are really pumping.  When you jog, hold your hands as if you are holding a little bird or an egg (thank you Lidii), breathe…breathe…


In my job, my passion is looking at the un-fit, and trying to inspire them to work their body.  I tell my paraprofessionals that I want them to look for one student during the period to target with an overabundance of praise and attaboys…The best part of my job came last week, when I told a severely overweight 1st grader what a great job he was doing…He started telling everyone that I said he did a great job.  And you know what?  He started running.  Hard. 


Running as punishment?  Not any more.

An Idea Is Born

Finally, I get to the gym.  My inner thighs…well look away if this too much for you.  They are so sore.  Like someone has been hitting them with bricks. 

I was on the elliptical today, when the local trainer from the gym brought in a 13 year old boy.  Mind you, these are my favorite kids:  slightly out of shape, probably eat crap food, want to get healthier, not great scores in PE.  I taught PE in Jr. High for 4 years, and am now doing 1st-6th grade.  This kind of student really inspires me.  Why? 

Because, I see myself in their eyes.  I could never compete, was really uncoordinated.  But, at least we had fitness.  It was the 70s.  It was mandatory…but, where has real fitness and fun gone?

So, I have this idea.  You know how those expensive tutoring clubs meet after school?  They help with homework, and promise to bring up scores?    What would happen if we could help kids bring up their fitness scores, and improve overall health? 

I have a dream.  That all the non-fit great students could actually change their life one day at a time.  Hmmmm….

the biggest loser

thebiggestloser.jpgWhy do I love this show?  Let me see.  Jillian.  Jillian rocks.  Bob makes me cry.   He always makes me cry.  Why?  Heart.  Jillian makes me cry because I’ve done some of her workouts, and they make me hurt.  These are the DVDs my last classes did, and sadly, since I now teach English, I’m grading papers instead of gettting 2 periods of workout in my daily routine.  Boo weight gain.

I could do without Kim, who always seems to crumble and cry.  The new host, Allison has that oh-so-soap-oper-y voice.  It’s like, hey Allison.  This is THE BIGGEST LOSER!  Not the Young and the Restless.  The voice is bad.

The Mojave Desert in the summer.  I love the Black Team, and am hoping that they will kick some butt.  I think I like Phil, the ex-football player, but then he REEMS Amber for not trying hard enough, and how *it makes me look bad because I picked you*.  Give me a break.

In any event, here’s last season’s theme song:  Proud.  Great stuff.  It’s why I went to the gym today.  I knew this show would be on, and I didn’t want to feel like a slug.  🙂


Well, It’s official…My Blog Title: Moving On

First of all, this is so exciting…We are the number one school in San Joaquin County for the Governor’s Challenge  I can’t believe we finally passed Wicklund. (When you get to this page, click on *region*…from the pull-down menu pick Gold Country Region)

And, it’s official.  I’ve started beefing up my Language Arts and Literature links in my blogroll, because let’s face it, I am moving to a whole new area.  I’ll still keep the PE links, some of them, because I will always believe that you have to be fit to learn. 

So, a part of me is sad.  I gave my Science stuff to a teacher friend at McParland, and as he carted off some of the coolest stuff, I just thought, *Yeah, that’s great…He will do all that fun stuff with new students.*    As I’m aging, I really believe you have to travel light in this world.  Why do I need Science lessons, (even if the Newton Cars are just about the most fun project we did all year)?  I can get them again, if I ever teach Science again.

Onward and upward.  If you have any literature suggestions for my new journey, post them here.  I’d appreciate it.  This song is for you.  PE & Science has been a blast.


Couch to 5K~~Week 7 coming up…

Check out this site:  Our 5K is June 4th!!  edit-I just came back from Week 6, Day 3…25 minutes straight.   I clocked it at 2.4 miles.  I can’t believe I can do that. Hope you all do it today!!

Each day is different.   WEEK 7 starts Tuesday.  Your workout days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sat or Sun next weekend.

7 Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes). Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes). Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes).


We were at Sierra today.  THEY ROCK!  Wow!  Their coaches and students were so helpful to our track team.  Thanks to Coach Shrock and Chapman and their students…

Check out Aneal and Kayson for their long jump.  Along with Justin and Brandon in the 4-6th grade age group.  The girls:  Onyx will do long jump…she positively swims in the air.  Cassidy loved the long jump and Miranda too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so psyched to see you in the sprint position and yelling *stick* in the relay practice.

Practice Monday and Tuesday 3:35-4:35 and Track meet next Thursday at Sierra.
Thanks to all the great parents!!