You are my favorite.

You are my favorite home. Better than any house that I’ve ever lived in. The fact that I found you and moved into you in only three days, says that we were made for each other. I pinch myself as I walk through this home, this beautiful bungalow that I’m allowed to take care of while I’m here.

I sit on my back porch in the breeze of the early Fall, and I listen to the train as it slowly winds its way around downtown.

I have decided to let go. I have told Matt that if he wants to come to me, that I will not fight it. I will try not to be afraid. I am hearing the wind chimes just as I say this, and wondering if he knows. And I wonder if he’s happy. And then I decide whether he is or he isn’t, I am happy. Just in this moment of time.

Imagine Lieutenant Dan out on the ocean shaking his fist at God. That was me last night. Resisting. Not wanting it to be real. A 1am phone call to someone I love who picked up in another time zone. To have a true friend like that is such bliss.

And so as I look around…I look at that flower. This Rose. And I practice my new mantra. You are my favorite. You are my favorite tree. You are my favorite rose. You are my favorite group of rocks. You are my favorite Angel. I start to smile, saying this.

So I want you to see. Here’s a snapshot. And. They are all my favorites.