*Exciting isn’t it, a special kinda business*

Wishon Cove, at Bass Lake


I’m having a ball posting pictures from my phone with WordPress’ new little gadget.  This is a doctored photo of Wishon Cove, at Bass Lake.  Great vacation.

  • First the run.  God, I was tired.  Drug myself through town, ended up at the Mother Ship (Starbucks), where as I was leaving the restroom, my girls had a Venti iced water waiting for me.  I BIG PUFFY heart them so.  I ran an 11:10 pace, so I was definitely dragging. 
  • I can’t even remember my first three songs today, and I’m way too lazy to go look.  Trying to squeeze out the last ten days of my summer.  Last night rode my bike to my side of the catwalk; the boys were with Dad on HIS side.  We met at the top.  Pretty cool, in my opinion. 
  • My Husker pal Lisa, turned me on to the Olympics ATT Music website.  If you want some kickass running music, go there.  Three Doors Down, the Champion in Me is featured today.
  • Mayflower Madness:  My Dad has been working on the Geneology for the special Mayflower Heiress Descendant designation.  He finally gets it all sent in to the person who will fine-tooth-comb it.  She writes:

Thank you for all the documentation which you sent.  However, there are still some items needed:

Gen 7:  Stutson/Stetson Eaton

            Documentation is needed that names his parents:  Acc to Familysearch.org  his birth is listed on Film # 1000500  Index of early to 1900 births, his marriage is on Film # 1000989.  I don’t know if you are near to a Mormon Family History Center where you could order the films…if not, please let me know.
I found his cem record in Waupaca Co., WI Dayton township in the Crystal Lake Cemetery with the date 08 Nov 1870.  It also states that Almira is buried there, but gives no further information.

The following death certificates are needed:

Gen 8:  Mary Eaton Fuller
Gen 9:  Myra Fuller Eddy
            Walter Eddy
Gen 10: Allan Eddy
             Gladys Eddy

Was Abel Eaton in the Rev. War?

Thank You, M*****S******, Historian.

My Dad replies:

The death certificates are no problem although they will cost $12.00 apiece.  You might ask M***** why the death certificates are critical to the genealogy proof.   I’m just curious and we’ll get it if necessary.  I thought the information I sent that tied them into the family tree was pretty solid.  I sent pictures of all five of the grave sites and I personally attended the funerals of Walter, Myra, Allan, and Gladys so I know they are all dead!


For some reason, that just had me laughing out loud.

*From OPP, Naughty by Nature, which was my last song this morning*


*There’s only one place left I want to go*

I gave a pint of blood today, and this song came on my iPhone.  The absolute best cover I’ve heard of this song.  Roberta Flack.  A million years ago…fast forward to Leona Lewis.  If you have time, crank up your speakers.  Amazing.

  • Tomorrow is the last day of Summer School.  I’m ready, they’re ready.  We had our book party today, where everyone brings something that represents their novel.  Great stuff by all, but one kid brought his car keys.  He said, “They drive a lot in this novel.”  I looked at him and said, “Dude, do you know what got you into this class?  Crap like that.  Trying to snow the teacher, trying to do the least amount of work and be funny.”  He said, “Yes Ma’am.”  I love that.  He is bringing something else tomorrow.
  • We did oral reports.  They had to persuade the class on any topic.  Legalizing marijuana.  Big big topic and arguments.  One kid said, “If someone is bulimic, you could just give them a joint, and then they’ll eat.”  Oy.  I had to clean up a mess there.
  • Olympics.  Is anyone else as obsessed with them as me?  I love the whole thing:  the pre-matches, the games, the pomp, the athelete’s stories.  I’ve even scheduled my book group to happen BEFORE that week. 
  • My book group.  My turn.  We are reading:For Mona, my dear friend who just had her first treatment in a long, ugly summer of treatments.
  • The brick.  You may remember the story of my father’s brick.  Here it is:It’s finally in.  Long, long story.  5 years in the making.  When it was finally put in, with the right year, our man Ken said, “At this point, it would be easier to change your dad’s transcripts than to get another brick!”  I think it’s hilarious. 
  • My sons and their KEEP OUT signs.  When Gymnote #1 was mad at me the first time, he wrote a sign, and put it on his door.  It was the first time he asserted this particular sentiment: 
  • Last week, Gymnote #2, left me a similar note:  I’m not the best Mom, but I let my kids have their feelings, and sometimes even their privacy.  Heh.
  • The Library is having a book sale.  50 cents a book.  I’m going back tomorrow to stock up for my new class.
  • Ding.  Time to get ready for Bass Lake.  It’s 106 here, and 25 degrees cooler there for next week.

*Lyrics from Jon Bon Jovi; Who Says You Can’t Go Home?*