**10’s across the board!

Date: 12/8/2008 4:30 PM
Type: Hill
Course: Vera Spring Creek Loop
Distance: 3.86 miles
Duration: 42:05
Pace: 10:55 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: -4.8 pounds
Statistics: Calories: 525
VO2 Max: 27

I love me some RuPaul.  We just got in from running in 46 degree weather, with all the peeps coming home from work.  I’m in a tank, my hat, and Kim is in sweats.  The first mile was brutal over the freeway, but we flew after that.  I felt good.  Really good.  Even at 11 minute mile, I feel new, and God knows I need that!

Waving to people all bundled in their cars.  At about 2.5 miles, Kim looked at me and said, “You must be freezing!”  I wasn’t, but my legs felt like little sticks, ready to break off.  I had no gas at the end, but I was listening to this song.

The video.  Yum.


**Lyrics from Looking Good & Feeling Gorgeous

12 seconds shaved!

Well, the official results came out today.  Me?  Not 4th place, but 17th out of 33 (51%)

HOWEVER, in the Shave your 5K Challenge, I get to claim a shave!!  I clocked at 31:59, a 10:18 pace.

I am much happier with the pace than the place.  10:18?  Me?

I’m tootling over to Vanilla’s site now.  Makes me want to sign up for one more 5K.


**I just looked ’round and he’s gone.

Postcards from the edge:

1st period:  Today’s topic:  Racism…Alive and Well  I brought in an email that was sent to me, called “How Many Mexicans Can Fit in a Van?”  Someone I don’t know well (or doesn’t know me) sent it to me.  It was footage of the border, when a van of people got in an accident, and one by one, about 20 adults fled the vehicle.  Obviously the joke was intended to mock the illegal aliens at our borders.  I could have just deleted it.  Instead, I wrote this email in reply:

Hi…I hate to be a downer, but I found this email to be another form of racism.  How many Mexicans?  The same amount of English, Dutch and Black.  The population I work for is 95% Mexican American, and we are studying the Holocaust right now, so the video and email title reminded me that stereotyping can be very dangerous…and still lives in America.   It hurt my heart to get this email today, in light of some of the things we face every day.
I won’t be offended if you remove me from your email joke list!
I brought in my reply to share with my students.  Yesterday, we watched a Power Point on the Holocaust, and it seemed to spark…I dunno…something.
So, after class, two students came to show me jokes they got on their phone…which horrified me.  One was a picture of a mousetrap with a bucket of chicken…called The Obama Trap.  The other was called the Obama Swing Set, and was a picture of a noose.  Neither student seemed to see what was wrong with it.  I said, “Do the world a favor.  Do the right thing and delete it.” 
I was horrified.  Stupified, really.  I was trying to get them to see the connection between that and Hitler’s Final Solution.  They… did. not. get. it.

RUNNING.  New topic

Frayed Laces did it for me.  She has the 53 commandments of running, and I went to print them out tonight.

I laughed so hard at #41, because I’ve been saying for a long time, I can’t wait to be 50.  That’s the only thing that’s good about being 50.  New Age group.  Better trophies.

I called Kim tonight.  She with an aching back, and me with my *yawn* foot, we are quite a pair.  We have decided we are running again on Saturday.  We are starting again.

Oh, and yesterday’s post?  Um, never post after midnight.  It’s never a good idea.

…I got another speeding ticket yesterday.  That makes 2 since I did traffic school two weeks ago.  Leadfoot.  Damn.  Wish that worked on my running.

**From Abraham, Martin & John, by Dion.

**You got me rocking and a-reeling

Date: 11/12/2008 6:45 PM
Type: Hill
Course: In Town
Distance: 3.22 miles
Duration: 33:00
Pace: 10:15 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: 🙂
Weather: 67° F
Statistics: Calories: 443

Had to shake off yesterday.  When I re-read yesterday’s post, I just thought…Ick.  So, I took the boys to Tae Kwon Do, dropped off my keys at the gym, and went out in my hat.  It was 67 degrees, so it really wasn’t necessary.

I ran, even though it felt like a hammer was hitting the side of my heel every step I took.  Over the catwalk and overpass, past walkers and people getting home from work.

In the morning, I don’t see anyone, so it’s a little better for my ego.

I’m currently listening to Fleetwood Mac Rumours again, and forgot how great that album was.

** From I Don’t Want To Know, by Fleetwood Mac

Calabasis Classic


I did the 5K over the weekend, and it was gorgeous in LA!  As usual!  My time was poor, lots of rolling hills (again with the rolling hills…)  34:11!  (Um, no starting chip time, but it was 25 seconds before we crossed the start…)But, I did it.  My foot is fine, and I’m back.  Gorgeous course.

Linda V.

Race: 5k (1504)

Age: 49

Full Course  
Time: 0:34:39.060
Pace (Min/Mi): 11:09
Overall Rank: 466
Female Rank: 194
F45-49 Rank: 14

Oh, the *other* Linda?  She didn’t run the Half Marathon in Fresno.  Musta chickened out.

Felt great to be back.  Now, if I only didn’t have to go to work…


Field Placement: 466 / 696 (67%)
Group Placement: 14 / 31 (45.2%)
Gender Placement: 194 / 348 (55.7%)

**You dont know what it means to win

I took the day off.  Again.  I have 10 days a year, and I’m almost out of them.  Yesterday, a student threatened me with his tone and words, and I was, for the first time…rattled.  My cop-guy came in and walked over to my desk as I almost erupted in tears.  I didn’t.  I won’t…but it was close.  My students could give a shit less about the class.  They are bored and stoned.  I am not the teacher on Freedom Writers, or Stand and Deliver, or TEACHERS, or any of those movies.  I am a regular teacher.  Looking for a new career.  Seriously.

My sister is very ill.  She is a diabetic, and was nearly lights out last weekend, with sugars at 25.  She is having a hard time breathing, so I came to LA.  I’m also going to a party, but I wanted to be with my family.  Funny thing though, every time I go somewhere, it costs me an extra $200 because of my dogs.  Sure wish they were the type of dog to, you know, hang around in the yard.  Oh no, no, no.  They will jump the fence looking for me, or bark as if I’m in the house IGNORING them.  So, off to the doggy day care they go.

I left Northern CA at 10am.  I didn’t arrive in the valley until 5:45.

  • I stopped in Fresno to visit my bff.  Seriously, Cathy and I have been friends since the early 80s, when we were both married.  Then I divorced, she didn’t.  She divorced, Mississippi man moved in with me, I lost a baby, she lost her job, I remarried, she took a job out of town, I started having kids, she got a boyfriend, I lost my husband.  Today, we realized for the first time, we are both single.  At the same time. 
  • Then I got a wild hairThe Fresno Eye-Q Half Marathon is Sunday.  I paid $50.  So, I drove on over to the Expo, picked up a long sleeved wicking shirt and hat, and schwag.  A box of raisins, a packet of Electrolyte stuff, 2 chapsticks, a hat.  That was it.  No Turkey Gravy.  This lady was standing in line with me, and said her sister was coming to run.  So, I asked her if she wanted to run and take my pasta dinner, and she said “sure”.  So, Linda Vermeulen will probably have a fantastic race time (she is a soccer player).  However, it’s not me.  Dammit.
  • Then I got another ticket on the way down here.  Going 86mph and tailgating.  I was so pissed, and the cop was a jerk, and he pulled both of us over.  Hey!  How come she is BEHIND me if I was tailgating her???  It was on the Grapevine, so I know I’m sunk.  It’s my 4th ticket this year, and I just did traffic school last week.  Online.  I can’t do it again for 18 months.  I got a letter from the DMV this year…

“We’re sorry to see that you have chosen to disregard the very laws you agreed to uphold…” 

I’m sure I’ll be getting another letter.  Dammit.

Since my foot is better, and I ran a few this week, I will try to run the Calabasas Classic 5K on Sunday… If I don’t overfill the belly with my Mom’s cooking, and general disregard to my body when I come down here.  It is beautiful there.  My brother in law says at dinner tonight, “It’s only 3 miles!”  HAHA.  Only.  We’ll see how I feel on Sunday, and if the clan will be cooperative.

18 days until my court debut.  I cannot wait for it to be over.

Oh.  And that will be my last sick day.  For the year…

Happy Weekend to everyone…and especially to California Teacher Guy.  Peace, brother!  Don’t let them get you down…

**From Never Going Back Again, by Fleetwood Mac 

God.  1977.  A million years and miles ago…never going back again…

Confetti for my Soul.

Disney Marathon

It may not be a big deal to anyone but me, but yesterday, 4:00 PST, I ran.  I dropped my kids off at an appointment in our nearby town, and I ran.  I didn’t care where I was.  I just wanted to.

I needed to.

Big internal celebration.

2 miles.  10:32 pace.

I’ll take it.