Holy Crap, it’s cold

 earthcareI know this isn’t Minnesota, or Nebraska, or even New Hampshire…where 3 of my dearest friends reside. 

This is California.  I’m serious.  It’s 47.  And raining.

…and, it’s cold.


New topic:  Christmas weekend:  Where it’s warm.  Close-by.


one week

7 days of vacation left.  Did I do everything I wanted to do?   Bass Lake, Sacramento, New Hampshire, Boston, San Francisco.

Yeah, that’s enough.  I’m going to do NOTHING for the next 7 days…well, except that my room still looks like a disaster, and I haven’t brought anything there yet.  I arranged the desks, but I still have a boatload of stuff here in my spare room. 

And the pressure.  Reading, writing, poetry, spelling, grammar.  EEEEEEEEEK!  I’ll be fine. 

7 days.

Live Free or Die


I was in New Hampshire last week.  *Live Free or Die* is the state motto.  You can read about it above.  I’ve already blogged once today, but I need to just comment on this lack of rules, boundaries, laws.  I’m from California.  We have laws regarding most everything, which I think is good, due to the fact that we sort of push the edge of the envelope, and think WE know what’s best.

My gf was telling me that they sometimes ride to Massachusetts to take off their motorcycle helmets?  Could be just me, but isn’t that hilarious?  To ride to a nearby state just to break the rules.  (I can’t remember if that’s the state)
I do have to say one thing though.  They seem to have caught on with the No Smoking thing, so it’s not really Live Free or Die, it’s just live free, then die.  But don’t smoke here or here.  Usually when I travel, I forget that everyone smokes.  That the non-smoking room in the hotel, is usually *smelly*, in that someone is smoking next door.  However, in New Hampshire, I didn’t get that.  Even though you CAN smoke there. 

They call New Hampshire the FREE state.  I loved it. 


Well, here it is.  I’m in between vacation, and a work week in Sacramento.  I put up some pictures of my Bass Lake vacation in my Flikr.  Many of you will be looking for the school pictures, but I have to remove them every year, due to not having permission any longer.  I think Michelle & Colleen have CD’s of the graduation and all photos, so contact them!

Bass Lake.  It’s the place where I grew up in the summer, although it was only 2 weeks a summer.  We would wait the whole year for those 2 weeks.  This is the fourth summer that I’ve been taking my boys there.  We stay in Wishon Cove, the PG&E camp.  Oh, the memories!

The pics you see are my friend, Kim and her kids, and the deer in our camp.  I got my boys pocket knives, and taught them how to whittle.  One day, around 2pm they were playing their GameBoys, and I outlawed them until dark.  Every kid should learn how to whittle!  They had a blast.  There they are on the log, and I’m in the kayak…The volleyball court at night, and the stairs leading up to our cabin.

On the last day, we went tubing.  My oldest is on the left. 

We had a great time.  Everyone needs to refresh.  I’m looking around at the student blogs and see they are on vacation too.  Great!  You need it!!!

Have a good one, I’m off to Sacramento to meet my new colleagues at French Camp.  I’m strangely nervous.   I don’t know a soul.  It’s like going to a new school as a kid.  You want to fit in, but not lose yourself.   Can you relate?

Here’s my poem for my week at Bass Lake

Bass Lake

searing hot, lots of memories

volleyball, s’mores, campfire chats

boating, shaved ice, screamers

pool & ping pong

playing Scrabble

QI:  it’s a word, didja know?


All of the ghosts

Granny, Aunt Pat, Steve, Al

my Grandpa, who built these cabins

left us a legacy

a place to refresh



smelling the pines

locking it away in my heart