The Off Day

My actual first THREE today:

You Sexy Thing, by Hot Chocolate

Lemon Tree (again with the lemon tree)

Crazy, Gnarls Barlkey

I was just doing arms and the elliptical on my off day.  Then this old Johnny Cash song comes on, and it always makes me smile.  Here it is for you pleasure, but I think it’s Joaquin singing.

An Idea Is Born

Finally, I get to the gym.  My inner thighs…well look away if this too much for you.  They are so sore.  Like someone has been hitting them with bricks. 

I was on the elliptical today, when the local trainer from the gym brought in a 13 year old boy.  Mind you, these are my favorite kids:  slightly out of shape, probably eat crap food, want to get healthier, not great scores in PE.  I taught PE in Jr. High for 4 years, and am now doing 1st-6th grade.  This kind of student really inspires me.  Why? 

Because, I see myself in their eyes.  I could never compete, was really uncoordinated.  But, at least we had fitness.  It was the 70s.  It was mandatory…but, where has real fitness and fun gone?

So, I have this idea.  You know how those expensive tutoring clubs meet after school?  They help with homework, and promise to bring up scores?    What would happen if we could help kids bring up their fitness scores, and improve overall health? 

I have a dream.  That all the non-fit great students could actually change their life one day at a time.  Hmmmm….

*Other Activity*

Chick Rock Rocks…

Today, for the first time in a long time, I used my original iPod.  That’s the one with ALL the music on it.  You can tell it’s an oldie because the jack is in the middle. 


I have an iPhone, 3 shuffles for running (and my kids have one), and the 40G iPod is my home stereo.

On it, I have my Running workout which is crazy and faster.  My workout music is my old elliptical, weightlifting music.  To be honest, I got quite bored with it a while ago, and then always wore the shuffle.   Today, I wasn’t in the mood to run, really.  I have two runs planned tomorrow and Thursday before the 12K on Sunday.

So, I fired up the old one, and did what Runner’s World calls *Other Activity*.  I can tell my lungs are different now.  I’m much faster on the elliptical, at a 7.0 speed, whereas before running, 5.5 was a challenge.

My first song:   Rocked my world.


Enjoy a little Christina

Then Sheryl Crow, Pink, Fergie.  I was jamming and singing (outloud).  I was behind a row of dudes with gray hair, but hey, that’s my demographic now.  Heh.

I did wall squats, push-ups, modified planks, crunches.  Man, that felt good.