tell tale heart

Today, after I dramatically acted out the Tell Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe, we had our writer’s workshop, and we worked on expanding stories. 

At the top of our page, we wrote, *He got up*, and at the bottom of the page, *He went downstairs.*  The students had to fill in with detail as much information as they could, making up any random story.  We had a ball, filling in the most gory details that we could.

For tonight’s homework, I gave them the first line:  *The Phone Rang*, and finished with *I finally answered it.*  They had to use the Tell Tale Heart as the exposition for the writing piece. 

Here is a piece that was turned in to me even before school ended.

I’m lovin’ teaching English.  PE & Science are but a faint memory.

grammar girl

I have to share about Grammar Girl.  It’s a website that I watch on Bloglines.  You can also download a podcast from her, to listen to the correct grammar for your writing.  I find it fascinating!  She’s on my blogroll, but I wanted you to check it out for yourself!!