leave your old self behind.

So this goes through everyone’s mind, huh?  Thought it was only me.  I was looking at Pearl Izumi’s new ad in Runner’s World today. 

If you ran without sacrifice, congratulations.  You just jogged.

What Murakami says in his book is that no matter how far you run, there are some things that all runners understand and can identify with. 

This Youtube was me this morning.  We did 4.4 hard miles.  (Now, mind you, I read marathoner’s blogs, so I’m sure they are laughing at my “hard 4”)…The hardest running I’ve had in awhile.  I had to Drop the E at the Shell station only one mile in after a lovely sushi dinner last night.  I really really didn’t want to stop only 12 minutes in, but it seems there was no choice to be had.  I had to talk myself through the third mile, as if I was a first grader.  Even the Chariots of Fire theme song didn’t help.  Over the catwalk, I practically crawled.  I think I have Plantar Fascilitis, and in a bit of denial about it.

Only week 2 in our Half training, and I’m draggin’.  It’s 2pm on a Sunday, and [horrors!] I’m still in my jammies.  Can’t seem to get moving.

In terms of school.  It’s hard.  Harder than I ever thought it would be.  The only real thing that calms my gangbangers and wannabees is Yoga.  Wish we could do it all day.  I overheard them talking about how long they could hold the Proud Warrior position.  Kinda cool.  During 6th period, I was getting so frustrated because they wouldn’t stop talking.  One of them yelled, “Namaste” from the back of the room.  It ticked me off, even if his intentions were good.  They weren’t.  He was being passive-aggressive and sarcastic.  I just looked at him and said, Get out.  That’s when I hit the wall, figuratively speaking.

Spent the day yesterday clearing out the bad energy, saging, and hanging curtains.  Until yesterday, my students looked out of barred windows to the trash bins in the parking lot.  I changed the tables to a U-shape.  I put away the punishing textbooks, and scattered the novels all around.  I created an environment that I’d really like to have.  My friend Steph, (she talks to dead people, really) helped me do the saging in all the corners of the room.  When she came to the place where I sit, she said, “Something really interesting is going on in this wall.”  I said, yeah I sit there when I’m furious.  The sage smoked like crazy.  Do I know what this means?  No, and I don’t care.

I added lavender, and currently there are lemons soaking up all the bad energy.  I hung dragonfly lights for positive change.  We said a  prayer, and blessed the room.  You might think I’m crazy, but like the title of my post.  I want to leave my old teaching self behind, and I’m desperate to find the answer.

The hard, “My way or the Highway” isn’t working with this crowd.  Onward.

*I got more rhymes than the bible’s got psalms*

I’m in an Old School kind of mood.  Ha!  I didn’t even KNOW these were old school until a friend yelled to me, “Hey that’s old school!”  And, I’m like, “Yeah!”  (secretly thinking that I just found some hot new music…)  I’m cool like that.

Since Razzdoodle isn’t here, I’ll steal his leeetle idea about his Friday Songs.  I hadn’t seen this video, and starting laughing.  Not at the obviously bad story it tells, but Queen Latifah, the girls wearing suspenders, and of course…the hand movement that tells you how to move a record back and forth if you are a very cool hip hopper in the 90s.  LOL  Plus the fact, it’s one of my favorite running songs.  Makes me laugh.  Me, an almost 50 year old woman, laughing as I run.  I’m sure it’s quite a sight.

Rode my bike to the gym at 5:30am (blah) to lift weights. Blah.  Did I say that already?

Okay then, here’s another.  Now, imagine 85 Jr. High PE Students Jumping to this for the full four minutes.  It was one of our best workouts.  Good thing I never heard the lyrics until now.  It’s another one of those laughable songs that comes on my shuffle. I especially enjoy the men in kilts…and the bagpipes…who knew?

Perhaps I was a rapper in my previous life.

*Title from Jump Around, by House of Pain*

If I knew the tunes I might join in…

AA meeting:  I go to my usual Monday night meeting.  The guy behind me is drunk.  Very drunk.  Or on pills.  After the meeting, he is sitting in his car, his head on the steering wheel.  A few of us go to see if he’s okay.  He says, “I’m fine, just ashamed.”  He lived a mile or so away, but I really felt in my gut that he needed some assistance.  We didn’t call the police to get him help.  He drove across the median.  No one was hurt.  This time.  Thoughts?

Summer School:  Warning, long run-on sentence ahead:  How do students get to be Juniors and Seniors in California without knowing about abolitionists, women voting and John F Kennedy… the moon, the cold war, how significant the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team win was in terms of our history with the Russians…?  How is it that we have raised socially absent teens? 

I love YouTube:  Today in class, I was reminding them of MLK Jr.’s speech where he keeps saying, “How long?” and the answer is “Not long”.  I googled into my iPhone, MLK Jr, not long speech, and there it was.  Beautiful, and right at our fingertips.  Too bad YouTube is blocked from most school sites as being “dangerous”.  I’ll tell you what’s dangerous:  ignorance. ignorance. ignorance.

AARP:  HELLO?  I received my AARP card in the mail.  I’m 49. 49 49 49 49 49 49 Do they know who they’re dealing with?  On the other hand, I can’t wait to be 50, so I can compete against 59 year olds in any runs!

Tempo Running:  Today, we did 2.5 miles of tempo, at 9:40 pace.  I’m pretty happy with that.  Our town has repaved the roads, so we are able to run right in the middle, and play Frogger with the cars.  New shoes, the Asics GT2130, PINK!  Oh, and these people  were questioning my need for new shoes, with only 197 miles on them.  At the running store, I’m told that *BIGGER GIRLS ARE HARDER ON THEIR SHOES*.  Uh, thanks for that.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch:  Great afternoon snack.


First Three Songs on the Run: 

Free Falling, Tom Petty

If you want to be happy, by Jimmy Soul

Flavor of the Week, by American Hi-Fi

(post title from Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Elton John)